The My AEG app is a complete cross platform digital home for the current and future AEG user, incorporating recipes, useful tools, inspiration and product information. 


With the advent of new technology in the home, AEG had found that its users were not taking advantage of the full range of functions and features available on many of their appliances. Their presence in the digital marketplace was also disjointed, with a number of stand alone apps that were in many cases not consistent with the overall brand message.


Alice in Tokyo proposed an all-in-one cross platform app that could be used to not only find out about the latest recipes, tools and inspiration articles, but also act as a central touch point for the world of AEG. 


AEG is a household name across the world and a leading light in the home appliance market. This meant that not only did any accompanying app have to reflect the high standards of the AEG name and product line, it also meant that any proposals would have to work across multiple regions and satisfy an ever expanding team of stakeholders spread across different product categories. 


Content is king. Without an ever updating content model it would be difficult to draw users back to the app, which is why a dynamic feed approach was considered to be the best solution. In this way, important everyday tools and information could remain easily accessible, but other content could evolve and change with the user, helping them to expand their knowledge, and therefore fitting into the core AEG brand message “Inspire and educate”. With this in mind we identified two main user scenarios: a weekday user who has limited time during the evenings, and requires an easy solution for their evening meal and a weekend user who has more time and so is motivated to experiment and learn. 

In both scenarios it was important for the user to be able to navigate quickly to the content that was relevant to them so instead of combining everything into a single feed, we proposed multiple feeds, each capturing a distinctive part of the app


Following the definition of the feeds, the next step was to capture detailed functionality with wireframes.


The final result is a seamless process for planning and purchasing tickets, both locally and regionally and offers the user a refreshing alternative to current competitors within the Austrian market. 


The My AEG and Electrolux apps were completed on behalf and under the supervision of Alice in Tokyo. My AEG and My Electrolux are currently on public release, with further updates planned over the coming months.