Le Pain Quotidien


The Le Pain Quotidien app is an Apple and Android experience that allows users to order ahead or in venue, gather reward points and pay for their meals.


With over 30 restaurants in the UK and over 100 worldwide Le Pain Quotidien wanted to reimagine the dining experience for their consumers. A rushed original app was serving users in the U.S. but did not match the level of quality expected from a company that prides itself on traditional simplicity. 


Approaching BPL Digital LPQ proposed an update to the original app, that would be used initially across its UK branches. They wanted to maintain the basic functionality of ordering but also take the opportunity to bring the new app closer to the brand in terms of look and feel. 


Although the existing app was flawed, it was important that any update maintain the overall style since both experiences would exist on either side of the Atlantic. Communication, however between the two regions was limited and consequently there was no way to access any of the original files. 


The majority of the use cases prepared for the original app were still relevant so instead of starting from scratch the most important step was to understand where improvements to the user flow and overall experience could be made. By mapping out the original app, and then listening to real life user feedback  we were able to identify the key ‘pain points’ and takes steps in order to remedy them. 


Having identified improvements that could be made, we then set about creating wireframes for the key screens. 


An easy to use update of the original app, which adheres closely to the LPQ branding, while also steering users to the features that are most relevant to them.


The app was completed on behalf of BPL Digital. It will be released in the UK in the coming months.